Colonics Prep

The terrain and environs of a healthy and functional large intestine remind me of a flourishing garden.  In a garden, that is suitable for planting seeds, and growing plants, there exists nourishing, well hydrated soil that includes abundant friendly organisms, as well as aeration and moisture.

Similarly, in a  colon that does what it is suppose to, there exists abundant friendly organisms, as well as aeration and moisture.

Colon hydrothetrapy supports the healthy functioning of the lower bowel by providing hydration; clearing out unfriendly, pathogenic, disease-producing bacteria, yeasts and parasites, thereby promoting the colonization of probiotics (friendly bacteria); and loosening up old waste material that can be likened to hardened, crusty, lumpy clumps of ground.

In order to maximize the results of the colonic treatment, a few preparatory steps can be helpful.  Just as the gardener tills up the dirt, and adds beneficial organisms in the form of manure and compost,  the person preparing for their colonic can similarly soften, and break apart “clumps” of toxic waste in the bowel getting ready for the rinse.

Because I want my clients to get the best possible results from their colonic treatments, I like to encourage them to consider the following preparatory guidelines:

Dietary prep can be beneficial in maximizing your colonic results. This prep can vary from person to person. Many people prepare for their series of colonics for a week or two, but even just a day or two helps.  By modifying your diet to include lots of green leafy vegetables, and avoiding refined and complex carbohydrates which convert to sugar in the bloodstream, you will minimize gas blockages in the bowel caused by yeasts. Incorporating cleansing fibers, calcium bentonite clay and herbal support during a series of colonics assists the body in collecting and mopping up old waste material in order that it will rinse out more thoroughly during the colonic. We can talk about this during your first treatment.

Extra fiber for a week or two before the treatment helps to “scrub” and “fluff” dense waste material in the bowel, preparing for more efficient removal.  Two heaping Tablespoons of flaxseed meal mixed into a glass of water, and drunk once or twice per day, are modest and effective prep steps before colonics.

Whether or not you are already on a special cleansing diet or detox program, I normally recommend these few preparatory steps to assist in a more thorough “rinse”:

1)  If possible, have a bowel movement the morning of the colonic to clear the rectum of solid matter.  Better yet, have daily movements for many days before treatment.  Some people can’t, that’s why they come to me.  It is optimal, if possible.

2)  Do your best to include extra fiber to get some ‘scrubbing’ action going. For example, a couple heaping Tablespoons flaxseed meal daily (you may mix it in water, and drink), or a couple teaspoons psyllium husks in water daily–drink quickly before the mixture thickens. During a series of colonics, don’t take large amounts of cathartic herbs, oxygen-based products or large doses of magnesium that make your bowel movements runny.  This irritates the bowel, and interferes with a thorough cleanse.

3) Try to refrain from eating and drinking for a couple hours before colonic so your bladder and stomach are comfortable.