Joanie 2014

Joanie O’Casey

Joanie is the foundation of Oasis Colonics Fairfield, a colon hydrotherapy studio in Fairfield, Iowa. She has been intimately involved in the health and wellness industry for 40+ years.

Joanie was trained as a colon hydrotherapist in 1980. Over the years she has administered many thousands of colonic treatments in various areas of the United States, including the Hawaiian Islands where she lived for 7 years.

Her sensitivity to the uniqueness of every individual ensures that the colonic experience will be as effective and comfortable as can be. Her sense of humor contributes to a relaxed atmosphere, and sets her clients at ease. Joanie had the good fortune of mentoring with a skilled doctor who pioneered natural medical practices in the 1970′s in Tucson, Arizona “back in the day.” Since that time she has administered colonics in alternative healing centers, naturopathic clinics and privately. She has witnessed much growth and change in the colon health field, and has networked with numerous other colonic therapists throughout the years. She currently works in collaboration with a variety of physicians, caring for their patients by referral.

Joanie’s personal healing journey, her wide range of study and interests, as well as her diverse life experience give her unique insight into the essentials of digestive health and rejuvenation.