Just as new mamas and papas relish the sight of their baby’s dirty diaper duty, we at Oasis Colonics are delighted to see you and your poo-poo. We oooo and ahhh over the dark, tar-like sludge as it floats tidily through the lit-up view tube on it’s way down the drain. We joyfully gasp at the gas that musically bubbles through the rectal tube on it’s way out of you. We laugh as the last lumps leave, and we share in your delight as your bum takes a load off, and your once heavy burden becomes lighter. We smile with you as your face brightens, and your countenance takes on a hydrated glow.

At Oasis Colonics, there is no need to feel shy or embarrassed. We are proud and honored to admire with you, the ripe fruit of your labor.

We are peepeepleased by your poopoopoo.