When people consider getting colonics, they wonder how many would be valuable, and whether they should bother to get only one, if time and/or finances are limited.

New clients often start with just one colonic session to see what it’s like. Some are very satisfied with their results right off the bat, and some find gtrater benefit from multiple sessions. It is difficult to predict what the outcome of any given colonic will be.

The efficacy of colonics is directly related to a person’s digestion, diet, hydration and level of stress.

A single colonic can be a valuable diagnostic tool. The way the body responds to the treatment offers insights into the current functioning of the lower bowel, revealing weaknesses and strengths, and often indicates where attention is needed.http://bioweb.wku.edu/courses/biol115/wyatt/anatomy/digestion/Digestion1.jpg

Multiple colonics work together to provide the body with much needed hydration. A momentum is often gained by a series of colonics taken relatively close together, or strategically spaced.

Results vary greatly from person to person. When a potential client is unsure about planning a series of multiple colonics, I normally recommend that they schedule one initial treatment in order to evaluate, and determine how they want to proceed after that first treatment.

More information about colonics, including  pricing, preparation and procedure, can be found throughout the Oasis Wellness website. Feel free to inquire directly by calling 641.209.7557.